Mgr. Zdeněk Boudný

Zdeněk Boudný

Study programme: General questions in geography

Thesis title: Spatial and socio-economic aspects of land use change after 1990

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Lucie Kupková, Ph.D.

Main section: Ph.D. students
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Department: General questions in geography

Thesis title: Spatial and socio-economic aspects of land use change after 1990

Begun: October 2018

Thematic research group: LUCC Czechia – Land use/cover changes in Czechia


Current and recent research projects:

(2018 - present) Ministry of culture – NAKI II: Heritage of extinct landscapes: identification, reconstruction and access

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2016 Bc. title (Bachelor’s degree) in Geography and Cartography, Faculty of Science, Charles University

2018 Mgr. (Master’s degree) title in Landscape and Society, Faculty of Science, Charles University

2018 - present Ph.D. (Doctoral degree) in General questions in geography, Faculty of Science, Charles University



In my dissertation I focus on the transformation of the landscape in the Czech Republic, after 1990 in the context of driving forces, especially socio-economic (the impact of the transformation period, subsidy programs of the European Union and the Czech Republic), which had a major impact on landscape transformation. The thesis examines, among other things, the topic of land abandonment and landscape polarization. The landscape and its changes are studied using a variety of research methods. In particular, methods of remote sensing of the Earth (satellite and aerial photography), procedures of historical-geographical research (methods of comparative photography, use of archival sources, statistical data), etc.


KUPKOVÁ, L., LIPSKÝ, Z., BOUDNÝ, Z. (2018): Proměny krajiny Kutnohorska v obrazech. Geografické rozhledy, 28 (2), 8-11.

KUPKOVÁ, L., BIČÍK, I., BOUDNÝ, Z. (2019): Long-term land-use / land-cover changes in Czech border regions. Acta Geographica Slovenica, 59(2), 107-117.

BIČÍK, I., BOUDNÝ, Z. et. al. (2020): Overview of methods / techniques of creating a database of long-term landscape changes. Land. (in the review procedure)


Conference contributions:

  • Historical-geographical conference – January 2019 – Mining roads of the Jestřebí hory
  • Czech-Slovak-Polish seminar – June 2019 - Spatial and socio-economic aspects of land use changes after the entry of Czechia into the EU in Southern Moravia (Boudný, Kupková, Brůžek)
  • IGU 2019 Thematic Conference TRANSFORMATION OF TRADITIONAL CULTURAL LANDSCAPES – September 2019 - Two centuries of land use changes in Czechia
  • Results, Development, Consequences (Bičík, Kupková, Boudný)



  • Landscape seminar, winter term 2019/2020, 2020/2021
  • Seminar in Human geography, summer term 2019/2020


External activities

Member of Czech geographical society