Examining Czech population structure through surnames

Geographical differences in surname structure capture a great deal of ethno-cultural variation. Surnames also have demonstrable utility as proxies for genetic information. This PhD project will utilize information on the spatial distribution of surnames in Czechia to examine both the large-scale patterns and local specifics of Czech population structure. Based on the current data as well as historical surname data dating back to the 17th century (Berní rula, Lánové rejstříky), it will focus on its various aspects such as the stability of population and historical migrations. Positive attitude to spatial data analysis is required for this PhD position.  

  • Type: General
  • Supervisor: Josef Novotný
  • Programme: Social Geography and Regional Development
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: October 1, 2019
  • Application deadline: 30th April 2019 (consulting with the tutor in advance is strongly recommended)
  • Funding: Scholarship 10 500 CZK per month (+ additional 2.000 CZK once the doctoral examination is successfully passed)