Right to the City, Grassroots movements, and Struggle for Sustainable and Just Urban Environment

The project aims to explore the role of key civil society actors in developments and changes to the urban environment in the context of the transition to a market-based society. Neoliberal political practices prefer private market forces over the interests of citizens. The transformation from authoritarian and totalitarian societies to market fundamentalism has stimulated responses from a new generation of grassroots movements struggling for their right to the city. The project will examine the goals of these movements as well as their actual practices and achievements in shaping the urban environment while fighting for sustainability and social justice. 

  • Type: General
  • Supervisor: Luděk Sýkora
  • Programme: Regional and Political Geography
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: October 1, 2020
  • Application deadline: 30th April 2020 (it is recommended to contact the tutor in advance and discuss the dissertation project)
  • Funding: Scholarship 10 500 CZK per month (+ additional 2.000 CZK once the doctoral examination is successfully passed); doctoral students at the Centre for Urban and Regional Research are usually supported from the ongoing research projects and activities; during the first months of winter semester a project is designed and submitted to Charles University Grant Agency with funding for 2-3 years commencing from spring semester.