Centre for Urban and Regional Research

Scholars as well as doctoral and master’s students associated with the Centre for Urban and Regional Research (CVMR) contribute to academic and societal knowledge and discussion about the developments and transformations in metropolitan areas and their dynamically changing neighbourhoods through research into social and socio-spatial processes which are key drivers of urban spatial reorganisation, such as revitalisation, gentrification, or suburbanisation. Currently, we are paying specific attention to social interaction, segregation, and integration in immigrant neighbourhoods and to developments in localities with a concentration of populations threatened with social exclusion in relation to social housing provision. Furthermore, we conduct studies of urban system development, with a special focus on metropolisation and polycentric development, and related principles, practices, and policies which impact urban and regional development. Our research focuses on risks and path dependencies in the long-term development of cities and regions which threaten sustainable and inclusive development and which should therefore be an object of public interest and of broad social debate. Based on our research insights, we suggest strategies, initiatives, and practices which prevent future problems and mitigate present ones.