Jana Šiftová

Jana Šiftová

Food Geography

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: + 420 221 951 388
E-mail: 58AkOc~.ahIkQOQfWmHBO1kf45pJ

Research focus: Retail geography, geography of consumption, food geography, lifestyle

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in research at the intersection of food studies, economic geography, consumption geography, health and healthy lifestyle are welcome.

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Localisation strategies of international restaurant chains in the Central and Eastern Europe region (Petr Bartošek); Informal networks and contact systems of Czech female ecofarmers (Pavla Rypáčková);
  • Completed PhD projects: Alternative food networks in a post-communist context: Farmers’ markets and farm shops in Czechia (Marie Syrovátková); Queer geography and geography of sexualities: Socio-cultural organisation of sexuality in space, social construction, and deconstruction of heteronormativity (Michal Pitoňák)

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