Luděk Sýkora

Luděk Sýkora

Urban and Regional Research

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Phone: +420 733 708 403
E-mail: %rxy8Z4WHgnD_b29bgvhTj

Research focus: Urban change in post-socialist cities; impacts of globalisation on urban transformations; processes of metropolitan change, such as suburbanisation; neighbourhood changes, such as gentrification; processes and localities of segregation, social interaction and integration in immigrant neighbourhoods; metropolisation and polycentric development in settlement systems; urban real estate development; national and municipal housing and housing policy; urban policies and urban planning; and the role of the public sector, private actors and citizens, and social movements in urban development.

A note for prospective PhD students: I welcome PhD candidates interested in broad aspects of urban change, specifically (but not exclusively) in relation to the region of post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe.

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: International migration and transformation of the socio-spatial structures of cities (Klára Fiedlerová); Metropolisation processes in Czechia and Poland: A regional-geographic comparative analysis (Martin Kebza), Residential preferences and migration trajectories of descendants of the first generation of suburbanites in Prague’s hinterland (Otakar Bursa), Residential Segregation, Social Inclusion and Public Policies (Marek Hojsík), Demographic and regional disparities of financial inclusion in Romania (Stefan Johnson).
  • Completed PhD projects:  Logics transforming the urban waterfront in Bratislava: unravelling the decision-making dynamics behind urban development (Branislav Machala; 9/2019); Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion (Jakob Hurrle: 9/2019); Gated communities and residential separation in Prague (Tomáš Brabec; 9/2014); Struggle for the Right to the City: Alternative Spaces in Post-socialist Prague (Michaela Pixová; 09/2012); Housing policy, social and spatial justice: new public housing construction in Czechia (Roman Matoušek; 09/2012); Urbanization and suburbanization in urban regions of Prague and Vienna (Darina Posová; 09/2010); The Transformation of Retailing in the City of Ostrava: A Geographical Analysis (Pavel Bednář; 09/2008); A coparative analysis of postsocialist transformations in spatial structures of České Budějovice and Banská Bystrica (Tomáš Chorvát; 09/2005); The role of high profile buildings in physical revitalization of inner city: The case of Golden Angel in Prague (Jana Temelová; 09/2005); Urbanization population processes in Prague urban region (Martin Ouředníček; 09/2002); New research and development localities in the Prague hinterland: Metropolitan development in the knowledge economy (Alena Coblence).

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