Luděk Sýkora

Luděk Sýkora

Urban and Regional Research

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Phone: +420 733 708 403
E-mail: %rxy8Z4WHgnD_b29bgvhTj

Research focus: Urban change in post-socialist cities; impacts of globalisation on urban transformations; processes of metropolitan change, such as suburbanisation; neighbourhood changes, such as gentrification; processes and localities of segregation, social interaction and integration in immigrant neighbourhoods; metropolisation and polycentric development in settlement systems; urban real estate development; national and municipal housing and housing policy; urban policies and urban planning; and the role of the public sector, private actors and citizens, and social movements in urban development.

A note for prospective PhD students: I welcome PhD candidates interested in broad aspects of urban change, specifically (but not exclusively) in relation to the region of post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe.

Open calls: Spaces of Social Exclusion: Spatial Inequality, Social Injustice, and Urban Change, Right to the City, Grassroots Movements, and Struggle for Sustainable and Just Urban Environment

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: International migration and transformation of the socio-spatial structures of cities (Klára Fiedlerová); New research and development localities in the Prague hinterland: Metropolitan development in the knowledge economy (Alena Coblence); Multilevel separation of Russian immigrants in the post-socialist city (Ekaterina Ignatyeva); Metropolisation processes in Czechia and Poland: A regional-geographic comparative analysis (Martin Kebza).
  • Completed PhD projects:  Logics transforming the urban waterfront in Bratislava: unravelling the decision-making dynamics behind urban development (Branislav Machala; 9/2019); Roma on the Czech countryside: Determinants of exclusion, potentials for inclusion (Jakob Hurrle: 9/2019); Gated communities and residential separation in Prague (Tomáš Brabec; 9/2014); Struggle for the Right to the City: Alternative Spaces in Post-socialist Prague (Michaela Pixová; 09/2012); Housing policy, social and spatial justice: new public housing construction in Czechia (Roman Matoušek; 09/2012); Urbanization and suburbanization in urban regions of Prague and Vienna (Darina Posová; 09/2010); The Transformation of Retailing in the City of Ostrava: A Geographical Analysis (Pavel Bednář; 09/2008); A coparative analysis of postsocialist transformations in spatial structures of České Budějovice and Banská Bystrica (Tomáš Chorvát; 09/2005); The role of high profile buildings in physical revitalization of inner city: The case of Golden Angel in Prague (Jana Temelová; 09/2005); Urbanization population processes in Prague urban region (Martin Ouředníček; 09/2002).

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