Food Geography

Dissertation topics related to the geography of food, broadly-defined. Geography of food studies food in its complexity as a geographic and societal phenomenon. Food geographers can bridge many barriers and dichotomies such as culture and nature, production and consumption, urban and rural, local and global, etc. Food can also be studied at all scales from the global to the micro spatial level of an individual consumer´s body. Geographers often use food to illustrate other geographical topics such as uneven development, geopolitics, commodity chains, international trade, globalisation, etc. Last, but not least, food geography can, after many decades of a rather dualistic approach, unite the topics of physical and human geography. Feel free to contact the prospective supervisor and discuss possible directions. Some examples of broader themes are as follows:

  • Relations between the primary and tertiary sector in the socio-economic sphere (employment, large versus small enterprises, the role of consumers, rural development, the quality of life of small farmers, alternative food networks);
  • The influence of food production on the environment (emissions, forms of transport between the farm and the fork, different production systems, consumption options);
  • Food at the root of social disparities (food deserts, developed and developing countries, food security, food sovereignty);
  • Food as a building block of public health and quality of life (fast food versus organic food, diabetes epidemic, nutrition extremes);
  • Food as a cultural object (societal status, religious tradition, folklore, language, everyday practices, community function, identity formation);
  • Urban food production (the specific context of a city—urban agriculture, community, and allotment gardens, guerrilla gardening, zero acreage farming, etc.).

Supervisor: Jana Šiftová

Open call(s) for PhD students: Urban agriculture: A potential tool for local and global food security; economic, social and environmental resilience; community health; and a healthy lifestyle