M.A. Adél Petrovič M.Sc.

Adél Petrovič

Study programme: Social Geography and Regional Development

Thesis title: Socio-spatial approach towards understanding identity construction: urban transformations in Prague Urban Region 

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D.

Main section: Ph.D. students
E-mail: _.GB5f~7Z.m%C.5lbkkm_.~4Ys
Department: Social Geography and Regional Development

Phd title: Socio-spatial approach towards understanding identity construction: urban transformations in Prague Urban Region 

Begun: October 2020

Research topics and interests: Urban transformations, gentrification, identity, socio-spatial dialectic, urban governance and development, politics of space, and psychology and the city.


Current and recent research projects:

2020-2022      “History and future of housing estates: quality of residential environment and residential satisfaction” Czech Science Foundation (http://www.urrlab.cz/en/project/history-and-future-housing-estates-quality-residential-environment-and-residential).

2018–2020      “Contemporary changes of social environment within the Czech suburbs” Czech Science Foundation (GA18-14510S) (http://www.urrlab.cz/en/project/contemporary-changes-social-environment-within-czech-suburbs-0).


Link to relevant web pages:

URRlab: http://urrlab.cz/en/profile/adela-petrovic

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adel-petrovic-25082bb3/



10.2020 - present      PhD candidate of STARS program

Department of Social Geography and Regional Development (Charles University, Prague)


09.2016 - 09.2018      Master Urban Studies 4CITIES

Erasmus Mundus Master in Urban Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université libre de Bruxelles, Universität Wien, Københavns Universitet, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Master thesis: Displacement without placement. Street prostitution’s deracination from gentrifying neighbourhoods in Brussels and Budapest.

More about: 4cities.eu


09.2014 - 09.2016      Master CoDe

Erasmus Mundus Master in Comparative Local Development (Università di Trento, Univerza v Ljubljani, Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Universität Regensburg)

Master thesis: Clusters in Serbia- The role of the Management in building out Social Capital. 

More about: erasmusmundus-code.eu


09.2010 - 06.2013      Political Science

Bachelor’s degree at Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies in Novi Sad


Awards and grants

  • Scholarship from University of Vienna (Erasmus +)
  • Short-term research grant (KWA) from University of Vienna
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  • Dositeja Scholarships of Foundation for Young Talents (Republic of Serbia)



Petrović, A. (2020): Údaje ze sčítání lidu v Srbsku (Population census data in Serbia). Geografické rozhledy. Accepted for publication.

Petrović, A. (2013): Corruption in the Public Administration. In: Politikon- Political Science Association of Vojvodina, 4/2013, pp.127-137.


Conference contributions

8-10.09.2020:  Annual Conference of the Czech Geographical Society on the topic of Geography for Sustainable Development of Cities and Regions. Presentation of research outputs: Gated Communities in Prague Urban Region- Location and Positionality on different Scale, Plzeň (CZ).


23-24.09.2019: Conference on Serbian‐Bavarian Higher Education, organised by University of Bamberg, Research project: The role of Social Capital in the Technology Transfer- Case study on Serbian Clusters and Cluster Management practices in Serbia, Bamberg (DE).


07-12.09.2015: Erasmus+ Conference on Tradition, Innovation and Reform in Local Development, organised by Corvinus University of Budapest, Project work: Clusters in Serbia- The role of Cluster Managers in building Social Capital, Budapest (HU).



Teaching Assistant: Urban Social Geography I & II

Lecturer: Discussion Seminar on Contemporary Urban Studies


External activities


01.09.2019 - present Charles University (Prague)

Scientific Collaborator and Teaching Assistant

13.06.2016 - 15.07.2016        Committee for Regional Development, EP (Brussels)


01.02.2016 - 30.04.2016        Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik (Regensburg)


01.07.2013 - 31.08.2014        Regional Agency for Development of SMEs (Novi Sad)

Project Assistant

01.10.2013 - 31.08.2014        European Youth Centre of Vojvodina (Novi Sad)

Project Coordinator



23.11.2020 – 27.11.2020       Urban Health Case Challenge, UCPH & Gehl Architects (DK)


06.07.2019 – 13.07.2019       International Social Design Summer School (AT)


03.02.2015 – 01.09.2016       Ecopanonia renewable energy resource cluster (RS)

External Associate

28.11.2014 - 30.11.2014        Startup and Social Innovation Seminar (IT)


14.10.2014 - 20.11.2014        Seminar in Environmental Sociology (IT)


04.02.2013 - 04.05.2013        Network for Innovative Development (RS)


24.11.2012-16.03.2013          Seminar on Intercultural Understanding, Human Rights and Reconciliation, part of the project ‘Build Bridges, not Walls: The Role of University in Peace-Building’ (RS & BIH)