Cultural and Historical Geography

The PhD study is focused on the issues of cultural and historical Geography with interdisciplinary overlap into regional geography, landscape, heritage and religious studies, history, sociology, archaeology etc. A wide range of theoretical/conceptual or methodological approaches is applied with a focus on new cultural and regional geography, historical geography, and geography of religion. Our research team has extensive experience from many scientific projects and often with friendly universities, institutions and associations, not only in Europe (e.g. ICHG, EUCALAND, PECSRL, IGU). We allow significant freedom in choosing a possible focus of the dissertation. If you are interested, please contact the supervisors below. For inspiration, we present examples of research topic areas:

  • issues of identity and heritage in local and regional context
  • cultural (ethnic, religious, etc.) borders in historical contexts (e.g. phantom borders)
  • cross-border cooperation especially within the EU
  • religion and religious landscape
  • causes and consequences of cultural landscape transformations
  • protection and management of landscapes
  • regional development and institutionalization of regions
  • cultural and religious causes and consequences of migration

Supervisors: Pavel Chromý, Tomáš Havlíček, Zdeněk Kučera