How to apply

Before you apply for a PhD at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, we highly recommend you contact the prospective supervisor and agree on the topic of your dissertation project. How can you choose him/her?

  • Go through the thematic areas; the list of possible supervisors is stated for each of the area.
  • Choose from the list of prospective supervisors
  • You can also choose from the specific positions which we offer every year. In that case the supervisor is given; however, contacting him/her is also highly recommended. Please note that the STARS program has its own website here

After you choose your supervisor, contact him or her, and discuss the topic of your dissertation project, you can apply through an online application form. 

  • You have to fill out the application and pay the admission fee by the 30th of April. 
  • The application must include (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a transcript of the current master’s study courses or an addendum to a master’s diploma, (3) a brief summary of the planned doctoral project (this attachment is not obligatory; however, we highly recommend preparing it together with your prospective supervisor. This also gains the applicant extra points), and (4) a list of published and unpublished work (or expert assessments of this work) and other documentation worth consideration, e.g. documentation of specialized courses completed, language examinations (this attachment is also optional).
  • In our three programmes the candidates prepare a written presentation (max 5,000 characters) and an approximately 10-minute oral presentation on the following: (1) summary of previous scientific activities, and (2) brief presentation of the doctoral project. The committee assesses the candidate’s overall motivation, their language abilities, previous scientific results, quality and feasibility of the doctoral project.
  • The invitation for the entrance exam is only sent in electronic form through the university’s electronic information system and is sent no later than 30 days before the date of the exam. The entrance exam is one round. While discussing the dissertation project proposal during the entrance examination, the candidate must demonstrate the technical and linguistic skills to study the given field as well as the abilities necessary to conduct independent scientific work. 

For more detailed and up-to-date conditions of the admission procedure for doctoral study programmes look here and for other information about applying including possibility of the admission interview performed without the applicant’s attendance and also useful information for international students (visa, dormitories, refectories, student cards, etc.) look here. The information in Czech is here