Mgr. Radek Pileček

Radek Pileček

Study programme: Regional and Political Geography

Thesis title: The Influence of Spatial Context on Voter Decision-Making in Czech Electoral Environment

Supervisor: RNDr. Tomáš Kostelecký, CSc.

Main section: Ph.D. students
E-mail: _byoT3ajVX~xRdkjT-HxZW7r
Department: Regional and Political Geography

Thematic research group: The Regional and Political Geography Research Center

Thesis title: The Influence of Spatial Context on Voter Decision-Making in Czech Electoral Environment.

Funding: Self

Begun: September 2020

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2018 – 2020 Mgr. in Regional and Political Geography, Faculty of Science, Charles University

2015 – 2018 Bc. in Geography and Cartography, Faculty of Science, Charles University



International Geography Olympiad 2015 – Bronze medal

CzechTourism competition 2018 – The best bachelor thesis in the field of tourism



My research is focused on spatial patterns of electoral behaviour in Czechia. The voter decision-making process is very complex and influenced by many different factors. Both the individual characteristics of voters and the spatial context of the locality, where these voters live, play a key role. The aim of my research is to explain regional and local differences in the results of the Czech parliamentary elections with regard to the territorially heterogeneous structure of the population, the influence of particular candidates, especially their place of residence, and other contextual effects. I am also interested in the changes in electoral patterns from a spatial point of view, including the question of whether mobilization or conversion predominates in connection with the changes in electoral preferences at different scale levels.



PILEČEK, R. (2020): Metodika komparace potenciálu cestovního ruchu na příkladu Gruzie, Izraele a Kypru. Informace ČGS, 39, 2, 1-13.


External activities:

  • Member of Czech Geographical Society
  • Member of the organizing team of Czech Geographical Olympiad
  • Analyst at the research agency STEM/MARK, a.s.
  • Electoral consultant for regional political movement Jihočeši 2012