Daily mobility and commuting within the Prague metropolitan region

The project is based on the main ideas of time-space geography, daily paths, rhythms, and commuting within the urban environment. As an alternative to traditional commuting data from population censuses, mobile phone data is employed together with questionnaires and qualitative methods of daily mobility pattern investigation. For the project, the mobile phone operator´s data is prepared. Potential research questions should be formulated as follows: (1) What are the typical spatial patterns of daily mobility within the metropolitan region? (2) How does the concentration of residents, daily users, and jobs change throughout the day? (3) What is the balance of centripetal and centrifugal processes within the metropolitan region? (4) What can we learn from the daily rhythms, and how would these outputs be used to plan different parts of metropolitan regions? And, (5) what novel methods can be employed in the analyses, visualisation, and modelling of daily patterns?

  • Type: General
  • Supervisor: Martin Ouředníček
  • Programme: Social Geography and Regional Development
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: 1st October 2023
  • Application deadline: 30th April 2023 (consulting with the tutor in advance is strongly recommended)
  • Funding: Scholarship 10 500 CZK per month (+ additional 2.000 CZK once the doctoral examination is successfully passed); PhD scholarship at the Urban and Regional Laboratory is often connected to partial employment with projects of pure and applied research.