Everyday life in a city: Conception, experience and use of urban space

The project is focused on unique conceptions, experiences and uses of urban spaces. Using qualitative research methods, the experience and spatial practices of women/children/people with disabilities in urban environment are studied and the theories and concepts of feminist geographies/children geographies or disability geography are used to understand the experience and practices. By studying unique experience in specific urban environment the existing theory can be also developed. The choice of experience as well as concrete focus of the thesis (e.g. material and discursive barriers and possibilities that shape an everyday life) can be discussed with the supervisor. 

  • Type: General
  • Supervisor: Lucie Pospíšilová
  • Programme: Social Geography and Regional Development
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: 1st October 2023
  • Application deadline: 30th April 2023 (consulting with the tutor in advance is strongly recommended)
  • Funding: Scholarship 10 500 CZK per month (+ additional 2.000 CZK once the doctoral examination is successfully passed); PhD scholarship at the Urban and Regional Laboratory is often connected to partial employment with projects of pure and applied research.