The development and transformation of the Russian automotive industry

With more than 1.5 million vehicles made in 2017, Russia continues to rank among the twenty largest vehicle producers in the world. The Russian automotive industry has experienced a transformation from state-owned and domestically controlled to a market-driven and increasingly foreign-controlled industry over the past three decades. The goal of this research project is to analyse this transformation. It will combine quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. A prospective PhD student will analyse both Russian statistical sources and other available information and conduct field research in Russia, which will include interviews with key informants in selected domestic and foreign-owned vehicle makers and their suppliers as well as in relevant institutions, such as ministries, regional bodies, industry associations, and think tanks. Economic geographers or economists and native Russian speakers are especially encouraged to apply.

  • Type: General
  • Supervisor: Petr Pavlínek
  • Programme: Social Geography and Regional Development
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Start date: October 1
  • Application deadline: 30th April (consulting with the tutor in advance is strongly recommended)
  • Funding: Scholarship 10 500 CZK per month (+ additional 2.000 CZK once the doctoral examination is successfully passed)