Dagmar Dzúrová

Dagmar Dzúrová

Health Geography, Migration Studies

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: +420 221 951 377
E-mail: ZsHB5f56LTAk-eh4YnAsO1p

Research focus: Public health, health geography, migrant health, social epidemiology, social inequalities in health

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in the research of public health, health geography, and social epidemiology are welcome.

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Mental health of young adults (Vendula Machu), Epidemiological Study of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Czech Republic (Carlos Sekera), and  Ageing and Food Choices: Determinants of undernourishment in older people in the Czech Republic (Maika Ohno)
  • Completed PhD projects: Socioeconomic and spatial determinants of occupational diseases in the automotive industry in Czechia (Jan Jarolímek), Determinants of the circulatory system diseases among the Czech population (Michala Lustigová), and  Spatial distribution of the population health status - problems and applications (Ladislav Kažmer).

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