Dana Fialová

Dana Fialová

Tourism and Leisure Geography

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: + 420 221 951 415
E-mail: Z8AkO4~77hIkQOQfWmHBO1kf45pJ

Research focus: Tourism geography, impacts of tourism, overtourism, second homes

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in the research of tourism geography are welcome.

Open calls: Impacts of tourism on the most exposed destination

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Geographical aspects of urban tourism in Prague (Veronika Marianovská); The phenomenon of thematic gardens and parks (Lukáš Nekolný); The process of attractive image formation for tourism destinations by media (Jakub Zmrzlík); Golf tourism in Czechia in the context of social and natural environments and second housing trends (Veronika Kadlecová)
  • Completed PhD projects: Geographical aspects of leisure: The importance of leisure in shaping social capital and local identities (Tereza Kůsová)

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