Dušan Drbohlav

Dušan Drbohlav

Migration Studies

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Phone: + 420 221 951 387
E-mail: ZkoyY-5nVX~xRdkjT-HxZW7r

Research focus: Social geography, migration studies, behavioral geography

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in broadly defined migration and integration issues, particularly those with interdisciplinary ideas and approaches, are welcome.

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Migration of Indians to Czechia (Anežka Matyášová); Local, transnational and national civic-political participation of Czech post-revolutionary migrants and non-migrants in EU and its relationship to subjective level of socio-cultural and economic integration (Kristýna Janurová); International student mobility: brain drain in current globalized world (Dana Rakovcová), The effect of immigrants' social capital on urban development, case of four best ranked urbanized areas in Czechia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden (Emanuel Donkor); Adaptation strategies of the population in selected regions of Ethiopia (Eliška Masná); Migration, financial remittances and socioeconomic development: The post-communist region (Azizbek Tokhirov)
  • Completed PhD projects: Adaptation of foreigners in the Czech Republic (Eva Janská); International labour migration and labour migrants in Czechia during the global economic crisis 2008 – 2012 (Soňa Obůrková); Integration of qualified Sub-Saharan immigrants in Prague: Comparative analysis - via-a-vis situation in Paris, London, Lutych (Andrea Gerstnerová); Potential of highly-qualified university educated international labour force on the Czech labour market (Ondřej Valenta); Immigration and integration policies in France – at global, national and local levels (Markéta Seidlová);  Migrants´ entrepreneurship in Czechia (Dita Čermáková); Quality of life and its regional differentiation in Czechia and Prague (Eva Heřmanová); Expatriots´ acculturation in the Czech cultural environment (Michal Gärtner); Vietnamese in Czechia and in the world: migration and adaptation strategies (Tereza Freidingerová); Migrants in an irregular position – Czechia as a destination country (Lenka Medová); Frontier migration between Kazakhstan and Russia: The case of the West Kazakhstan (Ainur Karzhaubayeva); International student mobility: brain drain in current globalized world (Dana Rakovcová)

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