Eva  Janská

Eva  Janská

Migration Studies

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: + 420 221 951 396
E-mail: 0cnx9956LTAk-eh4YnAsO1p

Research focus: International migration, migration policy, integration/adaptation of migrants into majority society, integration/adaptation of the second generation of migrants in Czechia

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in broadly defined migration and integration issues, particularly those with interdisciplinary ideas and approaches, are welcome.

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Current migration flow to Europe: Perception of migrantion drivers and role of social networks (Tereza Podroužková); Acculturation of the immigrant women to Czech cultural Environment and the impact of this process on their movement in time and space (Markéta Koropecká)
  • Completed PhD projects: Vietnam close by and far away. Children of Vietnamese descent in Czech Republic form the perspective of transnationalism (Andrea Svobodová)

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