Eva  Janská

Eva  Janská

Migration Studies

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: + 420 221 951 396
E-mail: 0cnx9956LTAk-eh4YnAsO1p

Research focus: International migration, migration policy, integration/adaptation of immigrants into majority society, integration/adaptation of the second generation of migrants in Czechia, diaspora and transnationalism, migration and development

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential Ph.D. candidates interested in broadly defined migration and integration issues, particularly those with interdisciplinary ideas and approaches, are welcome. 

From 2023, those interested in Diaspora issues and Diaspora Politics are particularly welcome to be part of our research team (see more https://www.cestikrajane.cz/). 

PhD supervision:

  • Ongoing PhD projects: Relation between social engagement and integration of young immigrants. The case of Prague (Ekaterina Kokkalou)
  • Completed PhD projects: Vietnam close by and far away. Children of Vietnamese descent in the Czech Republic from the perspective of transnationalism (Andrea Svobodová)

For more information see the academic profile of Eva Janská