Pavel Chromý

Pavel Chromý

Cultural and Historical Geography

Main section: Supervisors
Phone: 221 951 425
E-mail: _8Io2W7%~hzIQOQfWmHBO1kf45pJ

Research focus: historical, cultural and regional geography, and environmental history; formation of regions and territorial identities, particularly in relation to development of specific areas (e.g. borderland, peripheral, rural and cultural areas)

A note for prospective PhD students: Potential PhD candidates interested in the research within the scope of landscape and heritage studies or in related research topics are welcome.

Completed PhD projects: Globalization, glocalization and neolocalism as driving forces of change of European brewering industry (Kryštof Materna), The mining heritage of the Jáchymov region as a dynamic sociocultural process (Jakub Jelen), The concept of place in the context of Transatlantic transformations: Socio-cultural aspects of changes in selected cities during the 20th Century (Tomáš Mozr), Symbols and symbolism in the region formation process (Miroslav Šifta), Geographical approaches to assessing the quality of housing in Czechia (Jan Baxa), Regions throught time and space: Problem of regionalization (Michal Semian), The concept of regional identity in the research of socially constructed regions: a multiscale perspective (Richard Nikischer), „The other“ geography of alternative food networks: farmers’ markets as a travelling concept (Lenka Fendrychová), Principles and problems of the geographic study of landscape (Zdeněk Kučera), The landscape of the Czech-Austrian borderland: Development and heritage (Robin Rašín), Territorial differentiation of elementary education in Czechia during the second half of the twentieth century. Its influence on local and regional development (Silvie Kučerová)


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