Petr Jehlička

Petr Jehlička

Political Geography

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E-mail: 5.uvZ1a7VX~o_W77%5pJ
Department: Regional and Political Geography

Research focus: Sustainable agri-food systems; food consumption at the intersection of formal and informal food economies; food self-provisioning and sharing; resilience of food systems; food waste; diverse food economies.


A note to prospective PhD students: Students interested in researching these topics in the East European context and in relation to postcolonial scholarship, inequalities of knowledge production and political ecology are particularly encouraged to contact the supervisor.


Completed PhD projects:

Grow, Share or Buy? Understanding the Diverse Food Economies of Urban Gardeners (Lucie Sovová, Wageningen University, Netherlands and Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia, PhD award 2020; supervised by Petr Jehlička, from 2017 co-supervised with Han Wiskerke and Esther Veen)

Growing Grassroots Sustainability Groups: Understanding the Mobilisation of Community-led Action in Haringey, London (Anastasia Harrison, Open University, UK, PhD award 2018; co-supervised with Clive Barnett and Joe Smith)

“The Other” Geography of Alternative Food Networks: Farmers’ Markets as a Travelling Concept (Lenka Fendrychová, Charles University, Prague, PhD award 2015; co-supervised with Pavel Chromý)

Culinary Tourism and the Making of a 'Modern' Town: The Interweaving of Food, Gender and Identity in Cittaslow Seferihisar (Billur Dokur, Open University, UK, PhD award 2013; co-supervised with Michael Pryke)

Climate Change Storytelling: Negotiating Travelling Norms in Post-Socialist Environmental Journalism (Pavel Antonov, Open University, PhD award 2013; co-supervised with Joe Smith)

The Impacts of State Socialism and Post-Socialist EU Integration on Waste Management and Policy in Slovakia (Ivona Alizadeh, Birkbeck, University of London, 2010; co-supervised with Emma Mawdsley)


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