Mgr. Matěj Vrhel

Matěj Vrhel

Study programme: General Issues in Geography

Thesis title: Instructional quality of geography

Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Dana Řezníčková, Ph.D

Main section: Ph.D. students
E-mail: ckuo2YUS98GE8W7m9bkmb
Department: General Issues in Geography

Thesis title: Instructional quality of geography

Begun: October 2017

Thematic research group: GEEN – Centre for Geographical and Environmental Education



2017 - present  Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science

Post-graduate programme: General Issues in Geography. Dissertation: Instructional quality of geography. 


2002 - 2010 Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts 

Master’s programme of study: Geography/Teaching of Geography and History for Secondary Schools. Master thesis: Concept of School Geography in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia


Research: Instructional quality of geography

Quality parameters of Geography teaching

This project deals with the quality of Geography teaching especially with its parameters, which is a wide interdisciplinary and multilevel research subject and depends on the choice of main goal. This paper strives to find parameters, which can be used to evaluate the quality of Geography teaching. If we want to support, observe, and evaluate the quality of teaching, it is fundamental to specify the parameters and bring theory to practice. The main aim is to find and define parameters of Geography teaching which are important for selected groups (university teachers, students of master’s degree in Geography teaching, primary and high school teachers, school management, students and their parents). The project deals with differences of opinion between these groups and differences in parameters of Geography teaching at primary and high schools. It describes specific and significant parameters in Geography teaching compared to quality parameters of teaching of other school subjects.



VRHEL Matěj., JELEN Jakub. Nakládání s odpady jako atraktivní téma terénní výuky. Geografické rozhledy. 2019 (Waste management as an attractive theme for fieldwork teaching)

 ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ Dana., HANUS Martin., HÁTLE Jan., MARADA Miroslav., VRHEL Matěj. Geografie. Aktivně, aktuálně a s aplikacemi. Praha: P3K, 2012, 67 p. ISBN 978-80-87186-99-2. (Principles of problem-based teaching, research-oriented, project and fieldwork teaching in geography) 

VRHEL Matěj., ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ Dana. Po kom a po čem dostala název naše města? Geografické rozhledy. 2006 (Origin of names of Czech towns) 


Conference contributions:

  • 2019:12. polsko-czesko-słowackie seminarium geograficzne (12th Polish-Czech-Slovak geographical conference): University of Warsaw 
  • 2018: Geografia na vzostupe (Czech and Slovak geographical associations conference): Comenius University in Bratislava


External activities

  • Member of the organisational committee of Czech national geographical Olympiad (Zeměpisná olympiáda) 
  • Member of the Czech Geographical Association (Česká geografická společnost) section of education 
  • Member of the team of experts for Czech national education curriculum revisions (Geography & History section)    
  • Member of the research and educational centre GEEN
  • Member of the team of experts for the Czech School Inspection (science tests creators’ team)
  • Member of the organisational committee of the IGU-CGE Conference 2020 Prague
  • Member of the Educational Committee of the Psáry town council