Economic Geography and Regional Development

Dissertation topics related to broadly-defined economic geography and regional  development based on various theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches as well as a focus on various geographic scales, from global developments to their regional and local manifestations. Please contact a prospective advisor to discuss a potential dissertation topic. Examples of possible broadly-defined dissertation topics include:

  • Economic globalisation and global patterns of uneven development;
  • The effects of foreign direct investment in host economies;
  • Geographic shifts in a particular industry or service activity;
  • The role of particular actors (capital, labour, state, etc.) in the changing geography of a particular economic activity.
  • Shifting modes of strategic coupling, decoupling and recoupling within global production networks/global value chains
  • Evolutionary dynamics of regional innovation systems and its drivers
  • Sustainability transitions in Central European industrialized countries 

Supervisors: Petr Pavlínek, Jiří Blažek, Viktor Květoň, Pavlína Netrdová

Research team: Economic Geography and Regional Development Center