Tourism and Leisure Geography

Students are invited to conduct their own research in the field of tourism and leisure geography. A combination of analytical work based on quantitative methods as well as qualitative and field surveys are welcome. It is possible to connect PhD scholarship at the Geography of Leisure Research Center to partial employment within the projects of pure and applied research. The main emphasis is put on team work and the production of scientific publications. Feel free to contact a prospective supervisor and discuss possible directions. The Center’s main aim is to contribute to the understanding of developments in and the transformation of regional differentiation in tourism and leisure. Examples of broader themes are as follows:

  • New supply and demand trends in current and perspective types of tourism and their impacts on geographical environments;
  • Commercialisation and internationalisation as the most influential processes;
  • Changes in human spatial behaviour—the effects of leisure activities;
  • Current changes, trends, and perspectives of second home tourism;
  • The perception of tourism space and regional identity;
  • The role of ‘collaborative economy’ in tourism development.

Supervisor: Dana Fialová, Jiří Vágner

Research team: Geography of Leisure Research Center

Open call(s) for PhD students: Trends in second home tourism market—Geographical approach; Impacts of tourism on the most exposed destinations in Czechia