Urban studies

Students are invited to conduct their own empirical research in the field of urban geography. A combination of analytical work based on statistical methods, cartographic visualisation, and a case study approach is welcome. The main emphasis is put on team work and the production of scientific publications. Feel free to contact the prospective supervisor and discuss possible directions. Some examples of broader themes are as follows:

  • Suburbanisation and its consequences;
  • Gentrification and inner city transformations;
  • Migration and daily mobility;
  • Unemployment, poverty, crime, social deprivation;
  • Transformation of socialist housing estates;
  • Gender in urban studies.

Supervisors: Martin Ouředníček, Petra Špačková

Research team: Urban and Regional Laboratory

Open call(s) for PhD students: Daily mobility and commuting within the Prague metropolitan regionGentrification in Prague: towards new identities of working-class quarters, History and future of housing estates: quality of residential environment and residential satisfaction