Migration Studies

Dissertation topics can focus on various aspects of both international migration movements and migrants´ integration processes. Although there is an emphasis on geographic aspects of international migration and integration, an interdisciplinary research perspective is highly supported.  Various innovative, theoretical/conceptual, and methodological approaches are appreciated. More specifically, research activities could tackle the underlying factors of international migration, and its mechanics and impacts, at various regional-geographic levels. Besides studying real processes, addressing migration and integration policy issues is welcome too. Please, feel free to contact any expert or prospective tutor who will consult you on the given issue. Below are some illustrations of broader topics:

  • Migration and development nexus
  • Labour migration and its changing forms
  • Smuggling and trafficking in human beings
  • Diasporas and their relationships to mother countries
  • Searching for a more successful model of migrants´ integration
  • International migrants and their health
  • Spatial organisation of migrants
  • Attitudes towards immigrants and immigration
  • Migration, integration and diaspora policies

After the discussion it is also possible to choose your own research topic.

Supervisors: Dušan Drbohlav, Zdeněk Čermák, Dagmar Dzúrová, Eva Janská, Dita Čermáková, Jiří Hasman

Research team: Geographic Migration Centre (Geomigrace)